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Thursday, April 02, 2009

I just sent an email to a whole bunch of people by accident. I clicked on "reply all" when I meant to click on "reply." Opps! The email is harmless, but I am embarrassed anyways. Sorry if you got this email!

A couple of days ago, I felt someone kissing me on the forehead while I slept. At first, I thought it was Jason, but in my dazed state, I saw a short shadow walk away, and then I fell back asleep. When I completely woke up, I asked Tyler if he kissed me and he said yes. And then he told me that he also kissed Chase on the forehead while Chase slept. I asked him why he did that and he said, "Because I love you guys!" Awww, the joy of my life...

I always hold the boys and tell them that they are the "joy of my life." The other day, Tyler was in his room and I heard him say to someone, "You are the joy of my life." I peeked into his room and he was saying it to his teddy bear! Kids do repeat everything!

Welcome Alexis into this world. I know you will be beautiful and sweet just like your mom. Jee Soo, now the fun begins!


Blogger Richard Ji said...

where are videos of tyler reading? Cute story...hes cute

10:46 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

that is so sweet. =) wait until tyler says it to a girl. =(

1:30 PM  
Blogger Marie Tang said...

I'm reading your blog right now and it is not stupid at all! I am totally enjoying it and it's a fun way to get to know you better! Tyler sounds like such a sweet soul. He was so sweet with his daddy at Brady's party. I am looking forward to finding time to hang out with you. Maybe you can bring your boys to play in our cul-de-sac with Kelly and her boys too.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

tyler is seriously the perfect child!!! he's going to be the best bro to chase and the most awesome son. you must be so proud! js, if you are reading this - congrats on your little one!!! very exciting!

6:57 AM  

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